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Just created a new community if you were a member of ana fasts before it got deleted this is the community for you!
that is the website check it out...i promise you will not be disappointed!
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Hey everyone, I just have a quick question on fasting..
this maybe quite a silly question, but..anyway..
I was reading diet reviews on ABC website just now, trying to choose one with the most weight-loss. And water-fasting seems nice.
Does it mean you just drink water though? Not even a low-cal energy drink (they are like 8cal per can)?
Also, can you take vitamins while on a water fast? Multivitamins? Calcium pills? Everything?

Sorry, I'm a real dummy when it comes to fasts. Hope someone can help. :)
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Ok so I am at work and my husband is at his work (huraaaaaaaaayyyyyy!) Anyway I went out and bought some baggy clothes, some flavored water (that amounts to around 40 cals each. I know it ridiculous but atleast they are not a whopping 130 cals like the grape or cranberry juice in my refridgerator). 

Ok so its now 12:19 noon time and the day is going very well!

I will update tomorrow. Bye Smoochies! 
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Hmmm... Honestly, I appreciate the people in my life, but I wish they could see that I am an individual and that it is ok for me to live my life separate from theirs. I posted comments today about how my husband is stressing my out and how much he is forcing me into a binge. Well, he won. I did not tell him I was fasting (He does not understand me and so I did not want to get into any of that with him), so basically he realized (Being today is Sunday and we were around each other all day long) that I had not eaten the whole day. He asked if I had eaten all day. I couldn't tell him I already ate because that would be too obvious of a lie so I told him that he had been stressing me out so much that I don't have an appetite. Ofcourse, he started to make it all about him saying I am the one stressing him out and saying stuff like I am trying to starve myself to death to make him look bad...UGH!!!!! (SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!) I want to tear my fucking hair out. OMG I am going insane. He then made dinner and said if I don't eat he would call my mom and take me to the hospital (SCREAM!!!!!!!!!) because I have a suicidal problem. Of course he does not know that I have MAJOR problems with my weight and self-image overall (I mean he knows but he does not know the severity or extent of it all), he does not know that I not only have problems with my weight and body image but I have major issues with food...UGH. Anyway, there is no way I am going to be fucking spending a night in no hospital for anyone stupid asses that don't know much about me to diagnose me...Are you kidding me? Anyway, I ate everything he prepared while he watched me intently at the other side of the table ensuring that I am not displaying any out of the norm behavior. I REALLY HATE THIS. I must ave had like 2500 cals of sphagetti and whatever else (sigh).

Anyway you know what tomorrow is another day and the first thing I am going to do is buy some really baggy clothes to hide my weight loss from him. I also will be sleeping in the other room so he won't cuddle with me and make stupid comments like he is feeling my rib cage and all. I will eat only in front of him like on weekends when we are most likely to be spending lots of time together.

Because both of use work during the day time and he always get in late. I can make believable excuses that I already ate. I just want to be unsuspecting again. I dont want anyone thinking they have to monitor me. I hate it.

So anyway. Because I broke my fast, Day 1 of my newest fast begins tomorrow (from monday to Friday) for 5 days...UGH I wish I was single atleast I wouldn't have be accountable to anyone.

I feel awful. I was so excited about my fast. I hope I can reach that point of bliss again.

I will try not to get into an argument with my husband during another fast though because I realize it drains me a lot.

Anyway I dont know how much I weight and don't care quite frankly, I am more concerned about how I feel and not the number on the scale.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a great Day!
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  Ok so this is Day 2 of my fast. I  had ginger tea (0 cal) with Stevia (0 Cal) and a squeeze of lime (5 cal) about an hour ago. I had no idea that lime has calories. 

It is now 3:11pm and I am not exactly hungry, but I am week and I seriously feel the urge to eat. The gym closes at 7pm and I doubt that I will be able to make it. If not I will just exercise with one of my exercise DVDs maybe taebo. 

Relaxation at this point feels good but I have to be careful how I get up from lying or sitting down, because of the dizzy feelings.
I really felt like giving up, but I am in it to win it. I am such a loser who never see through anything so I am going to make sure I change that pattern starting with this no matter what it takes.

I am very proud of myself!

No more limes for me though.

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 So its Days 2 of my fast. The only thing I have had thus far is water. This morning I woke up very week and slightly drained, I think much of that is due to the fact that I went to bed around 3am this morning. My husband had the flu so he was up coughing and I had to be rubbing him down with vix and so on. 

Because I went to my bed so late, the urge to eat was unbearable, but I exercised maximum amount of self control. The smell of guava and fruits in the kitchen weirdly seem to be filling me with its sweet aroma (very ironic).

So today is not too bad, I plan on going to the gym to burn maybe 3-500 calories. I will not overdo it today because I realize I don't have much energy. Looking at thinpsoes while fasting really does wonders.

If I could feel like this until bed time, I will do great.

Wish me Luck and THINK THIN!
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hopefully starting a fast today. (restricted under 100 cals daily) with just water. It's monday, so i'd atleast like to make it to friday, because this is my first fasting attempt. I realllllyyy need a buddy with this! anyone want to join me? I also would  really like constructive critisiszm. yahoo- msorensen62@yahoo.com or IM me- ItsFall3n
Thanks! :D

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 Hey guys. i just joined livejournal today, so i could be part of this. I'm currently bulimic, but  i want to start starving aswell. I hate my body, and so do boys. So, today is day one of no food. I've never done this before, but i'm going to try really hard. I want to go 3-4 days. I really need constructive critisizm, and an ana-buddy to have starving contests, and to talk me into putting my food down, and i'll try to help in return. Pleaseeee, be my ana buddy! e-mail me if youre interested! msorensen62@yahoo.com Also, seeing what you guys have posted- 'it's my fourth day, and i've lost 2-3 pounds a day is AMAZING, you guys are on your way to thinspiring!
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i happen to be quite excited.
today is the last day i will eat a real meal.
today is the last day i will be a nasty fat ass.
starting ABC's tommorow.
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if somebody out there has the problems with eating that i do, please be my ana buddy. that would be really nice. we can have red bracelets, starvation/fasting contests, and AIM each other's, to talk me out of eating that cookie in my pocket (please, im me or something, or post on my livejournal. http://nervousanat.livejournal.com, www.houseofthin.com, www.fading-obsession.com

(only nervousanat.com is mine) 

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