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Day 2 of Fast (Jan 11, 09)

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 So its Days 2 of my fast. The only thing I have had thus far is water. This morning I woke up very week and slightly drained, I think much of that is due to the fact that I went to bed around 3am this morning. My husband had the flu so he was up coughing and I had to be rubbing him down with vix and so on. 

Because I went to my bed so late, the urge to eat was unbearable, but I exercised maximum amount of self control. The smell of guava and fruits in the kitchen weirdly seem to be filling me with its sweet aroma (very ironic).

So today is not too bad, I plan on going to the gym to burn maybe 3-500 calories. I will not overdo it today because I realize I don't have much energy. Looking at thinpsoes while fasting really does wonders.

If I could feel like this until bed time, I will do great.

Wish me Luck and THINK THIN!
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