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Help please?

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Hey everyone, I just have a quick question on fasting..
this maybe quite a silly question, but..anyway..
I was reading diet reviews on ABC website just now, trying to choose one with the most weight-loss. And water-fasting seems nice.
Does it mean you just drink water though? Not even a low-cal energy drink (they are like 8cal per can)?
Also, can you take vitamins while on a water fast? Multivitamins? Calcium pills? Everything?

Sorry, I'm a real dummy when it comes to fasts. Hope someone can help. :)
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On March 10th, 2009 01:24 pm (UTC), lc111889 commented:
hey no big i am on my second day of fasting all i have been drinking is water...sometimes with a flavor packet in it but i take a multivitamin everyday...it is easier because i know i will fast longer if my body has the basic nutrients but its really all on your personal fasting beliefs...hope this helps
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