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 Hey guys. i just joined livejournal today, so i could be part of this. I'm currently bulimic, but  i want to start starving aswell. I hate my body, and so do boys. So, today is day one of no food. I've never done this before, but i'm going to try really hard. I want to go 3-4 days. I really need constructive critisizm, and an ana-buddy to have starving contests, and to talk me into putting my food down, and i'll try to help in return. Pleaseeee, be my ana buddy! e-mail me if youre interested! msorensen62@yahoo.com Also, seeing what you guys have posted- 'it's my fourth day, and i've lost 2-3 pounds a day is AMAZING, you guys are on your way to thinspiring!
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